What is Ozone-Therapy and what are it's benefits

What is Ozone-Therapy and what are it's benefits

Ozone is a chemical compound (gas) which consists of three oxygen atoms (Ο3).

It is the most powerful oxidant with which germs and viruses can be limited.

Combined with hydro-massage, ozone-therapy results in exposing the bather’s body to higher concentration ozone atmosphere than the surrounding environment’s.

Therefore, due to the ozone skin pores dilate which favors the removal of particles that prevent skin from breathing properly, thus allowing our cells to absorb pure oxygen.

  • Fights bacteria and viruses.
  • Supplies skin with rich oxygen giving it a flexible and soft texture.
  • Stimulates and cleanses the skin.
  • Renews blood circulation.
  • Energizes overworked organisms.
  • Limits migraine and headache seizures.
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